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Fantasy Golf Cards for corporate golf tournaments. Generate revenues, attract new sponsors, and create excitement among your golfers!


Fantasy Golf lets you "play" a round of golf in a few minutes.  You scratch off 1 spot per hole to determine your score, which can range from an eagle to a quadruple bogey!  Every card is numbered differently, so each card is legitimately a potential winner.  There over over 1 million combinations.  This is one of the main reasons the cards sell so well!  Once all the holes are scratched off, the final score is tabulated and recorded on the card.  The person with the lowest score wins!


The cards are usually resold at 1 for $5 and 3 for $10 or 1 for $10 and 3 for $20.  Most golfers will buy them in groups of 3.  For a tournament with 120 golfers, we suggest ordering 250-500 cards. You will sell out!  One of the really great things about our Fantasy Golf cards is that you control the cost of the fundraiser because you determine how many winners you want.  The prizes are donated items from your sponsors.

Fantasy Golf Cards are the hottest and most effective golf fundraiser on the market today.  These scratch off golf games are so unique - they attract new sponsors, allow you to raise a lot of money, and the golfers love them.  Fantasy Golf is a great addition to any tournament - and we make it easy to incorporate too.  We offer 5 different types of scratch off golf games, one for every size tournament and budget.  Cards can be ordered generic or customized with your information and sponsors' logos, coupons, and ads.  We'll do all the artwork for you if you don't have a graphic artist - it's complimentary.  Generic cards ship the same day they're ordered.  Custom cards ship within 5 days.  It couldn't be any easier to raise money at a golf tournament!






How to use Fantasy Golf Cards at your event:

Run the contest all day or just during the banquet. Encourage golfers to purchase multiple cards by having a few winning categories: lowest score, highest score, most pars, etc.  Use a Leader Board or a dry erase board to rank the golfers' scores.  If someone sees their friend's name on the board, the competitive streak hits and they'll buy a handful of cards just to try to scratch off a better score than their friend!




Raise money on these cards before they're even sold to your golfers.  Sponsorship should pay for the cards too.  You can have one company as your title sponsor or include multiple ads printed on the cards.  We don't charge for our design services, so we can lay up the card for you.


1. Sell cards like raffle tickets. Mail a card with the golfer's info package, or include one free card in their goodie bag at registration. Increase the excitement of your event and this contest by mailing one to everyone who came last year. Tell them they need to bring their card to the tournament because prizes will be given away for the lowest score scratched off. For example, if you pay to sponsor a hole, then your name and logo will appear on these cards and sold on your hole. The prize would be donated by that specific sponsor. Let your golfers experience the contest from the minute they register. Let them scratch off the first card for free, then sell additional cards throughout the day allowing everyone a chance to improve their score! These cards are a great way to build a database. People scratch off their scores and need to fill in the information section on the back of the card in order to redeem their prize. This allows you to collect the information you want to know (name, address, email, mobile number, how often they golf, do they play in leagues, information your sponsors may want to collect to help their sales, etc.). Have one grand prize winner for the person who has scratched off the lowest overall score AND run a raffle with the remaining cards for another prize. This way everyone fills in their card and turns them in. 2. Sponsorship ads. 3. Mail to last year's attendees. 4. Combine a sponsorship package with a Fantasy Golf contest. 5. Include one free card in the goodie bags at registration. 6. Build a database!
All Fantasy Golf cards can be ordered generic or customized!
Our #1 selling 18 Hole Card. The generic version is shown above. Generic cards ship within 24 hours. Custom cards ship within 5 days.
Yes! We ship internationally! Wherever you are in the world, if you have a tournament, trade show, or you want to insert our cards into a retail product as a sales promotion, we will ship Fantasy Golf Cards directly to your door. Email us for more information, we'd love to work with you! International inquiries, contact Chrys Kozak, VP Golf Sales: ckozak@scratchoffworks.com


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