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Custom printed scratch off cards. Whatever you need, you'll find we can do it...with no set up or rush charges.
Ordering Details

• Quantity: No minimum! Up to 2 million cards

• Size: Any size and any shape

• Popular Sizes: 2.25" x 3.5", 3" x 5", & 4" x 6"

• Prizes: Text, codes, barcodes, graphics

• Any # of prize versions you want

• Variable data printing

• No charge for generating data

• Supply your data or we can generate the data

• Secure scratch off latex ink

• Die cut & perforated

• We print in any language

• UV gloss or matte coating

• Complete graphic design services

• 1 week or less turnaround time


• Guaranteed global shipping with UPS

• Quotes returned within 24 hours


scratch off cards
We do NOT charge for:

• No quantity minimum for any size card

• No charge for generating variable data

• No charge for multiple prize versions

• No charge for multiple scratch off areas

• No charge for custom scratch off shapes

• No charge for graphic design

• No set up fee

• No rush charges

• Call us for your custom scratch off project!

Secure scratch off

Our scratch off ink covers your prizes and data completely and scratches off clean.  Don't cover your prizes and important data with a label that can peel off, be tampered with, or otherwise compromised.  No matter how strong a label is, it can never compare to the security a scratch off latex ink offers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many different prizes can I have?

    You can have as many prize versions as you want.  Every card can be different if you want!  All we need is a list or a spreadsheet showing the breakdown of your prizes (what they are and how many of each prize you would like us to print). If you need help, just call us.

  • How many scratch areas can my scratch off cards have?

    You can have as many scratch off areas as you want, in any shape and size that you want, and anywhere on the card that you want!  We don't have a template, everything is custom to fit your design and your needs.  We don't charge more for multiple scratch off areas.


  • What kind of prizes can I give away under the scratch area?

    You can give away any type of prize that you want. We can print text, variable data, barcodes, QR codes, symbols, pictures...the sky is the limit!


  • Can I have unique codes and variable data printed beneath the scratch area?

    Yes, absolutely!  We can use your variable data and codes or we can generate it for you.  We can print unique codes on every card, serial numbers, control numbers, user names, login passwords - whatever you need!

  • How are the variable data numbers generated?

    We can use your PIN numbers and variable data or we can generate the PIN numbers for you.  We do NOT charge for generating variable data.  We will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet with the unique codes, user names, serial numbers, prizes, etc.

  • Is my variable data secure during printing?

    Absolutely. Your variable data is only seen by our head programmer and our production manager.


  • What is the difference between labels and latex ink?

    Many companies use scratch off labels or “security labels” to cover the PIN numbers and variable data.  These are stickers that are not completely secure.  They have the risk of peeling off if the weather is too hot or cold, and they are susceptible to tampering.  The scratch off material we use is a latex ink which is 100% opaque so it completely conceals the codes printed beneath it.  The scratch off material adheres directly to the paper so it will not peel off.  It scratches off clean, with no residue on your fingers.  Most importantly, our ink reduces the risk of tampering or accidentally scratching off the numbers printed beneath it.

  • How many colors can the artwork for my cards have?

    We print full color on the front with bleeds and up to full color on the back with bleeds.  The scratch off side of your cards will also be UV coated.


  • How many scratch off areas can my cards have?

     You can have as many scratch off areas as you want.  They can also be any shape that you want.  We don't charge anything extra for multiple scratch off areas or different shapes.

  • What size can my scratch areas be? Can they be placed anywhere on the cards?

    Your scratch off areas can be any size and shape that you want.  You can have as many scratch off locations as you want. These can be placed anywhere on the card.  There is no template you need to follow.

  • Can I customize the shape and size of the scratch area?

    Yes, you can!  We will print any size and any shape scratch off area that you want.  There is no additional charge to have a shape.  We can even floodcoat the entire card so the whole card scratches off!

  • If I want control numbers on my cards, where will they be printed?

    If you would like control numbers printed on your scratch off cards, they can be located on either side of the card and anywhere you want on that side.

  • Will my winners be sorted from my non-winners?

    It's up to you!  We can keep everything separated by prize version or we can mix everything together for you.  We can also collate your scratch off cards into smaller batches and drop ship them to multiple locations.  Just let us know what you need and we'll package your cards however you like.

  • Do you charge a set-up fee?

    Never!  There are no hidden charges in our quotes.

  • What is your turnaround time?  Do you have a rush charge?

    Our turnaround time for quantities under 100,000 cards is 1 week or less.  If you're looking to order more than 100,000 cards, we can usually start shipping partials within 3 days of beginning production.  There are no hidden charges in our quotes.  This includes no rush charges.

  • Can I see a physical card before my order is printed?

    We always provide digital proofs before we go on press.  We can also send you a physical press proof by UPS Next Day Air upon request.



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