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Promote your golf tournament!
Email and social media marketing at an affordable price. You have a fantastic Fantasy Golf fundraiser and tournament coming up. Let's promote it!

So we just printed your order of Fantasy Golf Cards for your tournament.  You received the packages from UPS on time and on budget...now what?


Promote your upcoming scratch off fundraiser and your tournament to achieve even better results!  Our Email Add On is a targeted marketing campaign that will increase your upcoming event and fundraiser's visibility.  Let people know you're going to be having a golf tournament and doing a scratch off!  By emailing your golfers and also posting on your social media feeds, you will increase the visibility and awareness of your event.  Generate some excitement - because your golf tournament IS exciting!  And it's a fantastic fundraiser!!


Our Email Add On will increase awareness of your tournament, fundraiser, and drive traffic to your website!

• Database setup & management

• Email design & distribution

• No limit to your email list size!

• Analytics & reporting

• 2 interactive emails sent

• JPEG graphics for your social media posts



Let us do all the work for you.  We will handle the email campaign from start to finish.  The Complete Turnkey Solution has us designing 2 separate emails that promote your upcoming scratch off.  These are sent within a week or 2 of your promotion &/or during the promotion.  There's no limit to the size of your email list.  If you have a few hundred or you have 50,000 - it's the same price to email them with this campaign. We provide in depth analytics and reporting after each email is sent so you know who opened the emails, who clicked through, where they visited, and how long they were there.  We will also create JPEG graphics for you to post on your Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and Instagram account.

• We design one interactive graphic

• You insert the graphic into your email

• You send the email to your mailing list

• You control the mailing list & distribution

• JPEG graphics for your social media posts




We understand email and database privacy are important.  So if you would prefer to email your own clients, we will supply you with one interactive graphic that you can use to promote your upcoming scratch off.  All you need to do is insert the graphic into your own email and send it to your clients.  This way you are in complete control of your mailing and distribution.  We still create JPEG graphics for you to post on your Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and Instagram account.

This is a sample email campaign we created for Legacy Bible Game. GOAL: Raise awareness of a new Christian card game & boost Christmas sales.


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