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OUR NEWEST GAME!  You asked for a larger size card so you would have even more room for sponsors.  We listened and we designed the Fairways card.  This scratch off card is larger than our 18 hole card, so you have more space to customize for sponsors and advertisements.  It measures 10" x 5.625" flat (the 18 hole card measures 7.75" x 5.5")


This scratch off fundraiser gives you a new way to play Fantasy Golf by scratching off balls on the fairway greens.  It's fast, easy and exciting!  Scratch off 1 spot per green to reveal your score.  The lowest score wins. You decide how many winners and what prizes you want to award.  Cards are often sold 1 for $5 or 3 for $10.  Or 1 for $10 and 3 for $20.  Since every card is numbered differently, every card is potential winner - so most golfers will buy them in groups of 3-5 cards.  For a tournament with 100-200 golfers, we suggest ordering 250-500 cards .




100 cards

250 cards

500 cards

1,000 cards





















* If your tournament is in less than a week, if you want custom cards, or if you want a quantity not listed above, call us:





Our newest golf fundraiser!

• Always in stock

• Perfect if you have a lot of sponsors

• 10" x 5.625"

• So many uses!  Sell the same way as you would a raffle ticket, include in goodie bags, sell during your banquet, mail prior to the tournament as a "save the date" contest, or combine with other sponsorship packages and have multiple sponsors' logos and ads on the cards.


Over 1 million score combinations.

No 2 scratch off cards are alike!

How to customize:

• The front and back cover are completely customizable: you can keep our greens photo on the front cover and only customize the back cover or you can personalize both.

• Let us design it for you! Custom prices include all graphic design and proofs.  Proofs are emailed within 24 hours.

• Custom scratch off cards ship in 5 business days or less.

Customize with logos, ads, charity

information or coupons.

• Not sure which Fantasy Golf scratch off card is right for your event?

• Is your tournament coming up fast and you want to make sure we are able to get you cards in time?

• Interested in customizing your scratch off cards but you're not sure how to proceed?

Call or email us!  We'll work with you to give you the best scratch off golf fundraiser for your event, so you raise the most money possible... and we'll get this to you on time!

Call us, we're here to help you.


how much money can you raise?
online scratch off promotions
online scratch off promotions
Order 250 generic Fairways cards for $187.50 Resell them for $5 per card You raise $1,062! Order 500 generic Fairways cards for $325 Resell them for $5 per card You raise $2,175 in one day!

This scratch off card is perfect if you have a lot of sponsors because it gives you more space to include logos, ads and coupons.  The sponsors should cover the cost of the cards.

If you're a tournament planner and want to be a distributor or if you have multiple events, call for discounted pricing!





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