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After your golf tournament is over and snow is on the ground, how do you reach your donors? With a digital scratch off fundraiser!
Digital scratch off fundraisers...raise money any time of the year!

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Sample online card.  We will create an original online game specifically for you that meets your fundraising goals.



You could be raising unprecedented amounts of money in 2015:
online scratch off promotions
online scratch off promotions

1. Online card: $550

    (this is your only cost if you host the game!)

2. Email the link where the card is hosted to your database

3. Sell the cards for $5/card (this is the donation)

4. Run this contest for 1 week to 1 month


Sell 250 cards: you raise $700

Sell 500 cards: you raise $1,950

Sell 1,000 cards: you raise $4,450

Go viral on Facebook & Twitter to reach more potential donors, anywhere in the world, for your charity.

online scratch off promotions

Sell 10,000 cards: you raise $49,450

Sell 25,000 cards: you raise $124,450


These projections do not include the price of the

prize(s) you choose to award.  They are also based on people only purchasing one card...people can come back and buy a card a day so they can play every day if they want, increasing their enjoyment of the game and increasing your donations.


How does a charity continue to raise money from it's donors after their golf tournament is over and all the sponsors have donated their quota for the year?   The answer is you use an online scratch off card  fundraiser!


You already have a database of email addresses from your donors.  In 2 weeks, we will design and program an online scratch off game for your charity.  Your logos, information and graphics will be on the card.   All you have to do is email your donors a link to where the card is being hosted.  Announce the contest on your Facebook and Twitter account too.  The cards can cost whatever price you want the donation to be.  People will purchase the card through either your own online shopping cart or through PayPal.  The money goes directly into your bank account.  People can come back and play every day if they want, so they aren't limited to just one card and one donation.  The prize that everyone is competing for is set by you.  Maybe it's a free registration for next year's golf tournament.  Maybe it's logo merchandise.  You can set the prize - or prizes - to be whatever you want.


Online cards start at $550.  Depending if you need us to host the game, that is the only cost involved whether you have 100 people buy your online fundraiser or 1,000.  This is pure profit for your organization.


An online fundraiser will make 2015 a record breaking donation year for your organization!


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